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Real Estate Marketing Trends For 2021

Social Media & Digital Marketing

All forms of digital marketing have been an enormous presence in every agent's & company's toolbox and if current trends continue it will be an even more important piece of your arsenal moving forward. 2020 has seen virtual tours, email marketing & other unique marketing trends take center stage as the COVID-19 pandemic consumed our lives and forced us apart.

Make sure to inquire how brokerages plan to help you market your business in the coming months!

Use of Aerial Drone Photography

Buyers & Sellers both want to be able to see every aspect of a neighborhood that they might be looking to purchase or sell a home in. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with aerial photography!

With the onset of the pandemic, being able to drive around with your clients has been increasingly difficult & just not as do-able as in years past. Aerial footage also helps to highlight important community & lifestyle features in any given area!

Charity & Community Service

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a devastating toll on different communities all through out the country as people have lost their loved ones & their livelihoods.

Being able to give back to those that are less fortunate is a great way to increase your involvement in any community! This will drastically help to improve your brand and to also aid in building your base of clients!

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